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Pokemon Ash Gray

Pokemon Ash GrayIf you are a true fan of Pokémon, then I am sure that you have tried downloading and playing any of the popular Pokémon Hack Game ROMs such as Pokémon Shinny Gold, Pokémon Flora Sky, Pokémon Glazed and Pokémon snakewood among others. With their creativeness, the authors redesigned the original Pokémon ROMs (Emerald Ruby, FireRed) of GameFreak into new brand games. And there is no doubt; they are interesting.


Here, I will introduce yet another fantabulous Pokémon hack ROM known as Pokemon Ash Gray ROM. Ash Gray is a game that you must try. It is designed with a fascinating game lay and extraordinarily great graphics.

The idea of this game is developed from Pokémon FireRed version and completed by matapod 23. The storyline has been changed to a different plotline which gives the player a totally new experience. Even so, the author did not modify the graphics.

Pokémon Ash Gray ROM is now filled with revolutionary ideas from a series on TV known as Pokémon Anime Series. The events of this anime are basically drawn from the storyline of the Ash Gray ROM. You will definitely be impressed because the adventure of Ash Ketchum, the main character in the anime, is similar to your adventure in the game. There have been modifications of hacks before this one, but none of them can be compared to this hack; it is simply the best.

Currently, Ash Gray is in its beta stage and contains up to 50 episodes and the process of completing more new hacks is still underway. Newer versions are expected to be released soon. They will come with automatic bugs fix and special updates. This is obliviously the best Pokémon hack game that anyone will probably enjoy playing.


Pokemon Ash Gray romThe main character of the game is the player. As the main character, you are given the name Ash Ketchum. You are going to have an adventure around the Pokémon world tomorrow that will surprise you greatly. To complete your trip, you are expected to pass 116 events and 2 movie events. You will come across Pokémon, rivals and trainers on your way which will help you. Just as Ash Ketchum in the anime episodes catches a Pokémon, you will need to catch a Pokémon and make the decision he makes.

By bad luck, Pokémon Arena matches keep you glued to the television through the night. You wake up late and feeling very tired. Now this is a big mistake and totally against the plan. You rush to Pallet Town Gate in an effort to catch a Pokémon, but your rivals (Gary being the most annoying) starters leaving none for you. It looks like you will just have to go home because you don’t have a Pokémon. But you choose Pikachu as your friend instead. Will your journey as Ash Ketchum play out?

The features of the game include:

– New maps

– New tiles

– New sprites

– Events similar to anime series

– An opportunity to catch all Pokémon

– Tools that replace the need for HMs


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